AIOLOS is a research project running at Ghent University - iMinds. Initially, AIOLOS was developed as a framework for mobile code offloading between a mobile device and a single server, but later evolved to a generic framework for mobile cloud computing.

For more info on AIOLOS and our research:

If you use AIOLOS in your research, please cite one of those papers.


AIOLOS is currently developed and maintained by the following team members:

Tim Verbelen created the first prototypes of the AIOLOS framework during his Ph.D. at Ghent University - iMinds. He used AIOLOS to optimize runtime deployment of software components for resource-intensive applications such as augmented reality. Tim is also committer of the Eclipse Foundation on the Concierge project, a lightweight OSGi runtime targeted to mobile and embedded devices, and he is an invited researcher of the OSGi Alliance.

Elias De Coninck is working on a Ph.D. at Ghent University - iMinds on algorithms for optimally scaling application components in hybrid cloud systems. He is mainly responsible for running AIOLOS in the cloud and the jclouds integration.
Steven Bohez is working on a Ph.D. at Ghent University - iMinds and is focussing on advanced mobile cloud applications that are distributed between the mobile device and the cloud. He is currenlty researching optimal deployment and scaling algorithms and using AIOLOS to evaluate and demo his research.